Thursday, April 17, 2014


This 2-day workshop will guide you through the key to implement a Safety Management System Success (SMS) processes. If you are just starting to develop their SMS or working towards what is better facilitated this workshop will help you set-up an SMS that can work for you to achieve zero incidents, engage employees, saving valuable time and resources. 

This course combines a deep knowledge with a practical approach to meet the following key objectives:
  • Learn to manage compliance.
  • Learn and understand the framework on how to achieve zero incidents.
  • Learn how to close the loop efficiently and avoid the "black hole of discontent".
  • Learn how to effectively establish safeguards against identified risks.
  • They understand why clearly defined roles, responsibilities, authority and accountability are fundamental to the safety management successfully.
  • Learn how to capture the significant inputs to outputs for continuous improvement.

Course:  Safety Management System (SMS)
Course:  Safety Management System (SMS)

This workshop is part of the Continuous Improvement Workshop Series™ developed by QSE Solutions and is aimed at all sectors of the maritime industry. This certificate course meets the requirements of the ISM Code.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Cobham Life Support
Cobham Life Support

 Survivor+ designed to significantly improve chances of survival in Man Overboard and vessel evacuation


Cobham Life Support will be introducing its new maritime safety system, Survivor+ at OTC 2014, May, 5-8 in Houston, Texas. The Survivor+ Personal Overboard System of Survival, a new class of  'dressing' PFD (Personal Flotation Device) incorporates uniquely both a SOLAS approved inflatable life jacket and a raft of personal life into one system used as a vest compact for maximum availability and survivability.

"Survivor+ is designed to address the key factors for vessel or platform evacuation and Man Overboard scenarios where death by drowning or hypothermia is very common," says Don Blackman, Manager of Engineering Research, Cobham Life Support. "Freezing sea and air temperature, disorientation, panic and high sea states can overcome a victim quickly, even when wearing a traditional life jacket or immersion suit. 

With Survivor+, victims may leave the water and security their own liferaft automatically deployed quickly and easily, stay protected from the elements until they are rescued. protecting the lives of offshore workers is paramount, so Cobham's wishing showing utilities high sea and operators of the innovative and unique  Survivor+" when we started to OTC.

Cobham Life Support
, part of the Mission Systems division of Cobham plc is a market leader in security systems established in the field of defense, acting as the sole supplier of government organizations. The experience of the company in the development of safety devices mounted on individual pilots and crew of naval cover has been instrumental in the development of Survivor+ a maritime innovative solution that can initiate a radical change in the approach of the offshore sector and for personal safety. 

Survivor+ the concept is based on survival equipment developed by Cobham, which has been in use by the military for over 20 years.